Sound Healing


The covid-19 epidemic has revealed that our civilization is very clinging to material problem solving. We often hear many people say, “What I don’t see, I don’t believe?” But we never say, “What I don’t hear, I don’t believe!”

It doesn’t matter – all the efforts of the entire world politics, scientific community and regulators are focused on finding a material vaccine. Enormous resources are used for this purpose. Huge resources. However, is there anything else on the side of molecules and nanoparticles that could meet the needs of this civilization for an effective medicine?

Maybe what they once knew elders, they a few generations before us… when their world collapsed, some sang >>> and the world got its noise, sound, drawing of the image in which the wounded soul began to heal.

The hardship is great, and when you have no other solutions you look in the trash, there is always some discarded solution. This is part of some old abandoned story from the Laboratory of Integrative Medicine. We used to call it “Colors for the Soul”.

Music, sound, noise… interlaced waves… Sound Healing

Sound will be the medicine of the future…