Sound Healing


The covid-19 epidemic has revealed that our civilization is very clinging to material problem solving. We often hear many people say, “What I don’t see, I don’t believe?” But we never say, “What I don’t hear, I don’t believe!”

It doesn’t matter – all the efforts of the entire world politics, scientific community and regulators are focused on finding a material vaccine. Enormous resources are used for this purpose. Huge resources. However, is there anything else on the side of molecules and nanoparticles that could meet the needs of this civilization for an effective medicine?

Maybe what they once knew elders, they a few generations before us… when their world collapsed, some sang >>> and the world got its noise, sound, drawing of the image in which the wounded soul began to heal.

The hardship is great, and when you have no other solutions you look in the trash, there is always some discarded solution. This is part of some old abandoned story from the Laboratory of Integrative Medicine. We used to call it “Colors for the Soul”.

Music, sound, noise… interlaced waves… Sound Healing

INTRO – knowledge base, backgrounds

You have come to a crossroads where you will be targeted by various background sources whose product is Digital Vaccines.

We are not traders with false hopes, we are also big skeptics, because we like to explain why and how something works. On the other hand, we are also curious, aware of the limitations of our perception due to lack of information.

We ask for your understanding because we will publish some materials later, although we have a full archive of articles, studies, links to data sources. Priorities and limited resources need to be aligned. The first thing is to provide access to our Digital Vaccines on 31.01.2021.

Some resources are not freely available, they are chargeable. Nothing was given to us either.

About Hidden Energy and…

Sound Healing is achieved by applying beneficial, natural sounds directly to the body. All life is vibrational. Sound has access to each atom in the body.

Sound was used to heal muscle tears, broken bones and illnesses of all kind. When applied these ancient vibrations reach the brain and the nervous system through the ear, through the skin and through bone conduction, spreading through the body relaxing and energizing us.

Each of us are vibrating on all levels, from the vibrational tensions of our muscles to the microelectrical pulses of our nervous system. Every organ, every bone has a natural set of frequencies with which it favors vibrating. In resonance, every cell emits sound and resonates its own frequency.

This is just part of the story we have been telling for many years in our “Laboratory of Integrative Medicine”.


Quantum information

Quantum physicists say: Not matter, but quantum information is the building block of everything. Everything revolves around wave functions, vibrations and frequencies, because these contain quantum information. This is the information. Early in the 20th century, both Nikola Tesla and Albert Einstein were already aware of this. Albert Einstein stated: ‘Concerning matter, we have all been …


…in case of Digital Vaccine

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